What am I missing?

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I've owned TomTom SatNav devices for years, with lifetime map and live traffic updates via radio and celebrity voices. It was awesome.

But my new car has Apple CarPlay so I have a 1 month trial subscription to TomTom GO Mobile for iOS and frankly I don't understand why I should pay for this?!

It doesn't seem to offer anything that other apps offer for free. The only minor advantage is offline navigation. I can't even search for a destination via the app in CarPlay. According to the TomTom FAQ this isn't possible due to Apple restrictions... yet Google Maps and Waze seem to have no problems searching for destinations via CarPlay.

So what am I missing? Why should I pay for this and not just use Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze instead... which all appear to offer more and better features than TomTom GO Mobile.

Thank you.


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    I'm extremely unhappy that I can't seem to see speed cameras on Apple CarPlay. To be honest that's really the only reason I subscribed and although they appear in the app if you don't connect the phone to car play, you don't see them if you launch the app in the car... what a let down, even Waze and Google maps are showing at least some of the speed cameras now. Such a shame as I do like the routing on TT