Battery on Start 50/60

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How to change a internal battery of unit

I have just purchased a second hand start 50/60 , not sure which .and as possibly expected from a 2013 unit it looks as if the internal battery has failed .

Symptoms are when switching on at first time after buying immediately showed low battery and went to sleep .

Connected to apple computer using the charging usb supplied .and left for 3 hours and started OK.left to run
and did a route check OK

moved it and power cord came out ,and now when attempting to start boots up . and picks up a old request for a route .but touch anything and the screen goes blank until I unplug and reconnect and it goes through boot up again

old battery? faulty unit? if so how do I fix or is it fixable at all?


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    in answer to my own question
    about replacing the battery ,the answer from other inputs
    return the tom tom unit for rebate and keep well clear of tom tom as a company

    so with no help from tomtom .. not that i expected any frankly

    The battery not holding charge problem is very common on all TomToms. If you have a TomTom for more than 2-3 years and the battery life is very poor and doesn't last more than 15 minutes on a full charge, then the battery inside it is faulty.
    Use this mail in service to Battery Replacement Service for a cost of £80 ,takes one week

    seriously dont bother ringing tomtom customer services

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    Hi @peter354

    If you go onto YouTube and enter Tomtom battery change you will find numerous videos on how to do it yourself if you feel confident enough. You may even find one using your TT model.

    The batteries can be sourced from Amazon and EBay etc some with the tools that will help you carry the change out

    Worth a look.

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    thanks .
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    Start 50 Battery change....