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I have been trying to update my device, via 135, for the new GPS update.
The problem is that it has stuck at 100% download, and won't transfer to the device. It just says 'checking...' all the time. I've left it for several hours but nothing has happened. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the device. I've tried removing the download and the redownloading again still the same. I've tried uninstalling MyDrive Connent of my PC and reinstalling and then starting the process all over again but still the same.
Any help? Without this update, the TomTom is useless because of the GPS change.0viit7l9llca.jpg


  • lampard
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    Hi @Aaronpick1983,

    Welcome to the Community! There was a QuickGPSfix update which was blocking the downloads on your device. I've removed it now and you can resume the download on your device by following the steps here: Re-downloading a map

    Also, I can see that there are several updates for QuickGPSfix, Software, map and voices waiting to download on your device. Whenever there are multiple updates available to download, please download them 1 at a time, not all together.Best order to update 1 by 1: (if offered)
    • QuickGPSfix / Navcore
    • Map
    • Speed Cameras
    • Voices
    • Mapshare update (recommended to update last)
    Hope this helps!

    Thanks, lampard
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    Mine has stuck at 100% to and don't know what to do now, please advise.
  • Aaronpick1983
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    I wish I could help you, but I still not been able to install the Navcore update. The advice that I was give above wasn't helpful unfortunately. Sounds like tou are having tbe same problem, its download at 100% but not transferring to the device.
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