my tomtom not working after tomtom sent me an update

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i hope that i am in the correct place.

i am a 71 year old so not very good with a computer,

i was having trouble with my tomtom 60 not finding the correct routes so i contacted tomtom about it, i recieved a reply from an advisor called satnam. she sent me a download to correct this problem, but since that download my tomto 60 will NOT FUNCTION. i asked for tomtom to repair it for me, their reply was that i must pay a cost of 70 euros when the download they sent too me did the damage. so i opened a complaint with the martin lewis website called resolver, then someone from tomtom named shree got back to me and said that they would repair it free of charge. i gave them all the details that they asked for. but that was over a week ago since then i have nothing from them at all.

any help from the forum would be appreciated, thank you.


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    hi , poor user.
    i think we are not the only 2 users with download problems here.
    It must be system.
    my tomtom is loading every and every time the same update to 7% and fail.
    the routing with my last update from 5|4|19 let me drive to the dessert in the middle of nowhere.
    It was more then a half year old at the time i have load it.
    why do i need at this case lifetime updates?
    I think i use my old Falk N200 from 2006 . is is better than this shit.
    Good luck