TomTom suddenly has no record of my email address, how do I access my activities?!! Incident 190612

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Since mid May, I can no longer access my MySports page with years of activities? I learned TomTom can''t link my email address with any account. Under the advice of customer service at 1-877-757-7137 and with a customer service representative via email, I created a new account using my email address. I was told that I would be able to access my old activities by doing this, but the account is BLANK? Where is the data from my old account and how did TomTom loose my email address????? Have MySports accounts been corrupted by malware?? I am unable to reply directly to TomTom customer service by email because it does not associate my email address with the incident number above. The customer service at the phone number above told me they cannot help, and that posting the question on a chat page is my only option. I'm unable to find the chat room, so I'm asking here. I've been trying to resolve this problem since 6/11/19 and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Thanks.


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    Hi @alan_horwitz_1

    Welcome to the Community! I can not see any watch linked to your email address which you used to login on the Community here. Also, I couldn't find any other account by your name in the system and you created this account today itself with no records of any activity uploaded to it.

    Did you use any other email address to login/register on Sports website? If not, can you PM me the serial number of the watch and I'll check the details? You can find it under Settings> About section (at the bottom, starts with 'HN/HR/HL').

    Regards, lampard