How do I stop my SatNav sending me on a route that I consider dangerous

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There is a right turn near me that has been the scene of a fatal traffic accident at least once recently. My TomTom sent me that way yesterday and I was nearly involved in a high speed collision.

I don't want my SatNav to send me that way - ever - yet it continues to do so. How do I stop it doing so permanently?


  • eye4get1956
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    Don't take it? Avoid the intersection or use the desktop app to reroute around it. Sync to your device. I say this because the route TomTom picks from Home to Work is awful! It also takes a totally different way home, smack into gridlocked traffic. I had to pick the route myself and save it.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @barnabear

    You cannot block a specific road or junction from being used by your TT unit.

    The one thing you can do is after creating the route you can:-

    Tap Menu
    Tap Current Route
    Tap Find Alternative

    Then decide which if any route suits you .