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I've seen this question asked before but only phone numbers given in response. I'm after an email address for TOMTOM customer services. No matter what I do, I still get redirected back to the stupid page where you have to select the device/category etc.

My device is now only on limited support but my query isn't related to that or any other device, it is related to something else that I need to contact them about. Due to my work schedules, I haven't got time for helplines so I just want a email address. This is just another company who want to stay anonymous once they have your money.

Can anybody out there help me?



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    satanreborn Registered Users Posts: 2
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    Thanks for that. It wouldn't let me send the email though. Kept coming up with "Chat Transcript is required". I tried it without attachments but still the same. Why can't they just have an email address where I can open outlook and send them an actual email instead of this webmail rubbish.

    Tomtom have money of mine that they have no right to and they are making it purposefully difficult to contact them in order to get it resolved. I was going to upgrade to a newer model in September but after this I'm going to try a Navpal
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    HELLO I had my TOMTOM recently stolen from my car. is it possible for you trace if the devices under my profile is active and direct me to where i can trace it.

    regards J P
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    +2xxxxxxxxxx( south africa)

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