Rider now only has one maps when I need the full European maps!

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I bought my Rider with Full European maps given the number of countries I travel in on one trip. I updated it and find I only have zones. No idea how I can down load different zones during a trip. Why cant I have the full western European map updated. The purchased map offer says my device will accept it? Some on this forum contacted Support and was given the map free. How do I contact Support to discuss? I just get a Robot response platform on the Feddback tab and there's no direct contact email?

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    Hi @YamFazMan Not sure which model it is other that the model name but the number on the back states 4GDOO and the serial number starts K4.

    I'll give the support team a call on Monday to see what actual customer care they're willing to provide.

    I'm sure I cant be the only rider who finds the Tom Tom changes frustrating and a little lacking in customer thoughtfulness.
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    I believe your K4 only has 4GB internal memory and no SD card slot. If that is the case you cannot now fit the full EU map and zones are the only option. If you need full EU then another device is the only way to go. https://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2634/~/compatible-memory-cards-for-map-installation
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    +1... Yes No Memory card slot
    Click on image to enlarge....
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    I'm in the same boat. I specifically bought this device because I needed the whole Europe. This is unacceptable.
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    Which Tomtom Rider Model do you have ???

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