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GO 620 not showing traffic when connected with Bluetooth to iPhone with MyDrive

My brand new GO 620 says it has no internet access even when successfully connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth running the MyDrive app. In MyDrive, I can see traffic, but not in the GO 620, which shows it has no internet connection. In the 620's Settings, it shows that it is trying to connect to the internet, but is not successful. When I connect the 620 to the internet via WiFi, it does show traffic. In the car, I'd rather use Bluetooth with the iPhone running MyDrive. Am I doing something wrong?


  • bigbig Posts: 1,565 Superuser
    You need to pair your iPhone and the GO 620. You probably did that already but would suggest you delete the pairing from BOTH the phone and the 620, restart both, and then try to start the pairing process again.

    (On iPhone, Settings -> Bluetooth -> Select the "i" next to each TomTomGO 620 entries and "Forget this Device". On the 620, Settings -> Bluetooth -> Select your phone and "Unpair".)
  • bigbig Posts: 1,565 Superuser
    Oh, also note you will not be able to get traffic via bluetooth while you are on Wifi. WiFi is given priority. So be sure you are checking the "traffic via bluetooth status" when you are out of WiFi range.
  • SantaFeTomSantaFeTom Posts: 24 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Adding to what big said, after deleting the pairing on both the phone and 620, do not have the 620 connected to anything while pairing again. That includes wifi and mydriveconnect. Since there is no way to just turn wifi off on the 620, you may have to forget any connections you have had that are within range. In my experience, without doing that, the two would pair but when I looked at the pairing on the phone, it was a generic pairing and the 620 only supported voice and media, no data.
  • mark_the_kiwimark_the_kiwi Posts: 14 [Legendary Explorer]
    Yay, you were bang-on SantaFe, the unit doesn't pair bluetooth Traffic Data, if it is busy 'listening' to incoming traffic data from the Wi-Fi.

    So, I undertook a factory reset, and deleted the partial iphone bluetooth pairing. I then turned my WiFi router off first before re-pairing.the iphone.

    I then added my partners Android phone to bluetooth traffic data by simply driving beyond wifi range before pairing hers.

    I wish TomTom mentioned turning off WiFi before pairing your phone when I bought the unit 3 months ago. Anyway sorted now, and thanks for the handy tip.
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