GO 620 not showing traffic when connected with Bluetooth to iPhone with MyDrive

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My brand new GO 620 says it has no internet access even when successfully connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth running the MyDrive app. In MyDrive, I can see traffic, but not in the GO 620, which shows it has no internet connection. In the 620's Settings, it shows that it is trying to connect to the internet, but is not successful. When I connect the 620 to the internet via WiFi, it does show traffic. In the car, I'd rather use Bluetooth with the iPhone running MyDrive. Am I doing something wrong?


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    You need to pair your iPhone and the GO 620. You probably did that already but would suggest you delete the pairing from BOTH the phone and the 620, restart both, and then try to start the pairing process again.

    (On iPhone, Settings -> Bluetooth -> Select the "i" next to each TomTomGO 620 entries and "Forget this Device". On the 620, Settings -> Bluetooth -> Select your phone and "Unpair".)
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    Oh, also note you will not be able to get traffic via bluetooth while you are on Wifi. WiFi is given priority. So be sure you are checking the "traffic via bluetooth status" when you are out of WiFi range.
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    Adding to what big said, after deleting the pairing on both the phone and 620, do not have the 620 connected to anything while pairing again. That includes wifi and mydriveconnect. Since there is no way to just turn wifi off on the 620, you may have to forget any connections you have had that are within range. In my experience, without doing that, the two would pair but when I looked at the pairing on the phone, it was a generic pairing and the 620 only supported voice and media, no data.
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    Yay, you were bang-on SantaFe, the unit doesn't pair bluetooth Traffic Data, if it is busy 'listening' to incoming traffic data from the Wi-Fi.

    So, I undertook a factory reset, and deleted the partial iphone bluetooth pairing. I then turned my WiFi router off first before re-pairing.the iphone.

    I then added my partners Android phone to bluetooth traffic data by simply driving beyond wifi range before pairing hers.

    I wish TomTom mentioned turning off WiFi before pairing your phone when I bought the unit 3 months ago. Anyway sorted now, and thanks for the handy tip.
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    Until Tom Tom update the My Drive App to work with iOS 13 I am HotSpotting my phone so my SatNav picks up traffic data via Wi-fi. Apart from sometimes having to turn HotSpot off and on again this seems to work fine.
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    Until Tom Tom update the My Drive App to work with iOS 13 I am HotSpotting my phone so my SatNav picks up traffic data via Wi-fi. Apart from sometimes having to turn HotSpot off and on again this seems to work fine.
    Same workaround here, but can you pair Bluetooth for handsfree or does it mess up with traffic info? Having to choose between handsfree OR traffic data is really annoying. In the meantime I deleted the Mydrive app, to see if it will help. Will use the app on another device...
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    I’ve given up. The only way I’ve been able to get traffic is to set up my iPhone as a WiFi hotspot and use WiFi on the 620. Tom Tom support is of no help whatsoever.
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    Hi there Paul1811 -
    Here is an excerpt posted by jures (another forum contributor) as a temporary fix end of January if you’re using iOS 13 operating system -

    If you pair gps with iPhone without MyDrive app traffic works flawlessly - perfectly!
    You can even install after MyDrive app and use it for routing JUST DONT PAIR gps over the app!!!
    Traffic will still work, MyDrive routing will work, the only thing that does not work will be smartphone features (calls / sms) but thats not important on bike.

    Traffic and MyDrive under iOS works!!!!!
    - Delete MyDrive app
    - Delete old Bluetooth pairings of gps on iPhone
    - Connect gps to iPhone over Bluetooth under standard way
    - Install MyDrive app
    - DO NOT pair gps over the app
    - have personal hotspot on iPhone turned ON just for Bluetooth
    - DO NOT pair gps with WiFi of this personal hotspot


    Problem is in the app (pairing through the app)

    Using the “Bluetooth and USB only” pairing hotspot will have less of a drain on your phone’s battery compared to the WiFi connection.
    Good luck.
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    Hi everyone,
    The post 359 from Kieron helped me to solve the Go 620 problem with the bluetooth connection. It worked well without re-installing the MyDrive app, thank you very much.
    I don't know what happen if I re-install the MyDrive app.
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    Hi there Conheo -

    As jures (the original contributor of this temporary fix) had explained, you can re-install the MyDrive app onto your phone, sign in to it and use it for routing to send to your devices, but just don’t pair the Bluetooth within the app to your gps. :)
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    I can confirm, that the problem with MyDrive app for iPhone - from other side if I use MyDrive app for Android - all connections works fine and never lose Go 620.

    Any of iPhones I have tried can not hold strong connection with Go 620 - it losing connection after every time when Go 620 was switched off!

    It looks like developers of android app worked much better then devs of iOS app ;-(

    Please, dear TomTom company, make some fixes of iOS app! I have one year of warranty for my Go 620 and I really think about comply for return your Go 620 due to above-mentioned troubles with iPhones.

    Still hoping for the best...
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    I have tried all of the above, nothing worked. I even reset network settings on my iPhone which did not work. Neither Bluetooth alone/WiFi alone nor both together seem to be making traffic data work.

    I discovered that the solution was to change from 4G to 3G on my iPhone settings, which worked like magic! It seems that my network company decided to support 4G less, during current pandemic situation for ?financial reasons!
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