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MyDrive creates route but doesn't follow it

RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
I was following a route to home on my Rider and stopped at a welcome center. I created a route to home using MyDrive. It laid out a reasonable route. When I started moving, the position icon didn't move.

That's two problems with MyDrive not displaying the current location.


  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 726 [Revered Pioneer]
    MyDrive is for creating a route.
    When you want to drive the route you have to sent the route to your TomTom device or GO Mobile app.

    To do this add the same MyDrive Account on your TomTom Device.
  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I get sending routes between the app and Rider. The problem is the moving icon slides off the map on the app. That is, the map doesn't move to keep the current position icon visible. BTW, the Rider keeps the current position icon in place of the Rider display.
  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    If MyDrive is only about building routes, why show the position icon moving with vehicle motion? For that matter, the Rider does the same job of route planning that MyDrive is described as doing. MyDrive is a battery hog according to GSam battery monitor. Traffic input is marginal in the Phila., PA area at least.

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