Minimal map for internal memory to format new larger capacity card for latest Europe maps updates ?

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GO 5000 with 8GB memory card. The size of the latest Europe subscription updates (v10.30) is such that only Europe with D/A/CH buildings can be installed, all other updates require a larger capacity card. But in order to properly format new cards and install new updates, a working map must be loaded in the internal memory. This problem has been reported by other users in this forum and similar forums in different languages, and was solved by having a minimal “utility” map (region irrelevant) added to their accounts, to be installed in the internal memory using MyDrive Connect (MDC). Can the moderators provide me with such a minimal map ?
I would be most grateful.
I assume of course that MDC will by default install this minimal map in the internal memory and not in the memory card. Otherwise please comment.

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    Many thanks for the small map, the problem is solved. I formatted two 16GB cards and installed Europe maps. Everything working fine.