Clio Carminat problems 2011

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Hello all, I have just bought a clio dynamique tomtom on a 60 plate (2011). I have a few issues around the tomtom unit. (serious noob alert)

There is no sd card in the slot
the unit lights up but displays "no maps found"
initially there was no sound at all,i removed the head unit and found a secondary wiring harness presumably from a (now removed)aftermarket head unit. I reconnected to stock wiring and i get sound from all corners, but no aerial signal and the cd eject button doesnt work.

do i need to buy an sd card with the maps on?
is the factory spec head unit required for the tomtom to be functional? ie if i put an off the shelf head unit in will the sat nav ever work?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi rex101,

    welcome to the TomTom-Community :)

    For the technical questions ask your Renault-Dealer. I guess there was a rear-view-unit installed.

    You could use a normal empty SD-Card (I recommend a >=8GB SDHC-Card).
    Turn Ignition to "OFF", open Door, so that the Carminat is "OFF". Then insert the empty FAT32-formatted SD-Card, turn Ignition to "ON" and wait until displayed "No Map Found" or similar. The Carminat writes some Information to the SD-Card. Turn Ignition to "OFF" and open the Door again. The Carminat goes "OFF". Eject SD-Card and carry it to your PC. Install latest TTHome-Software (As Administrator) and insert the SD-Card in your PC.
    Now TTHome recognize the SD-Card and download the Navcore for your Device. Follow the Instructions on the Screen.
    If there are no Updates availiable, then buy a Map of your choice (or Map-subscription for One Year). Wait until it is provided to your account (maybe up to three days). Then you can download and install a map.

    If you need help, write me a PN...