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Update of New version of Europe map from TomTom GO 6200 Wi-Fi failed. Now I have no map in the GPS

I have a GPS that I have tried to put the new version of map Europe (9 GB) in My TomTom and it has failed. Now I want to put any map in the GPS and it fails. It is "stuck" no map there. I tried a map of Europe with only 1GB to download and it fails too. It starts to make the download or Update of the new map but it fails always in a % Percentage after a while. It says : NO MAP.


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,104 Moderator
    Hi Ricomega

    I would advice you to try the steps in the video below:

  • ricomegaricomega Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    My GPS only let me new map in the GPS for download, nothing more. It don´t let me SELECT to put in PC with USB to download the map. I have Wi-Fi mode only possible in my GPS... don´t let me select to PC with USB???? it is tuck in maps. I can only reach maps to download. It don´t let me do nothing more in my GPS - it show only maps to download in Wi-Fi mode. it is Stuck!!!!!!
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,201
    HI @ricomega

    When you attach your GO6200 to a PC you are only using the PC as an Internet connection. All the steps you take are by using the menu options on the GO6200.

    Therefore if you connect your GO6200 to the PC you do not download the map to the PC and then download it from there to the GO6200.

    If you watch the video that Vikram suggested if there are no Maps listed when you press Add Map as it suggests if you look later in the video it shows the unit connected to a PC and what to do then.

  • ricomegaricomega Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    Somehow the GPS made it. Thank you very much.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,201
    Hi @ricomega

    One little tip is to add a small map to your unit so that it is tucked away on your internal memory and is available should you have a problem during an update and you lose your normal map. The little map tucked away enables you to start the TT unit and sort the problem out. If you have no map on it then it will not start.

    Download Venezuela as its only 29mb and sotakes no room at all.

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