TomTom GO 5000 Can't load new maps v10.30 as not enough internal memory for smallest european maps

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Device won't recognize memory card, have tried several different micro SD cards and also performed a reset. Help please?


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    Hi @icswinbank

    Sorry about this but just to check all possibilities.

    What reset did you perform was it a Soft Reset by holding the ON//OFF button down or did you select Reset Device in Settings/System

    Have you Formatted any of the cards in your PC to Fat32 . You need to do a Full Format not a Quick Format.

    Are the memory cards Micro SD Class 10 maximum size 32gb. Are you sure you have fully inserted them. Eg do you have to push them in first before you can get them out. When you insert them you may need something to help you gently push them in far enough to feel a slight click.

    It has been known for some lesser known makes to not work . Sandisk, Samsung and similar major makers obtained from a reliable source to avoid fakes are usually okay.