Tip: Suggest destinations (destination prediction)

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I'm posting this for others who may have run into the same issue.

Destination prediction was working perfectly for me for my daily commute, but only on the way from Home to Work. For some reason, the Rider would never predict Home as the destination when leaving Work at the end of the day. I finally found out why.

My Home location was not actually close to my home, but a few hundred meters away. Otherwise, a thief would immediately know where I live if he got hold of my Rider. So for additional security, I placed the Home marker close to, but not immediately in front of my home.
This also meant that every afternoon I would plot a route from Work to Home, but never arrive there (as far as the Rider was concerned). Since I never reached Home, the destination prediction did not pick this up as a recent destination. I then moved the Home marker to some spot on the road that I would actually pass when going home (but still far enough away that a thief would never know where I live). After a few trips, the Rider now actually predicts that I wish to ride Home at the end of the day.

In short: the algorithm for suggesting destinations will only work if you actually reach those destinations, and complete the route.
Hope this helps someone who may be struggling with the same issue.