Getting a route on TomTom Rider

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I have created a route on my laptop and saved it in My Routes. But I cannot get it onto my TomTom Rider.

The TomTom just says import files and then says to "use your computer browser to copy Routes onto your device". But I can't see how to do this.

I am sure I am being very thick but any ideas? And yes the TomTom is connected to the laptop!


  • ChrisHall
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    What software are you using on the laptop to create routes?
    Which model of Rider do you have?
  • Cake_Man
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    Thank you for your reply.
    Fortunately my son came to the rescue yesterday and solved the problem - which was largely my lack of knowledge - and I am now ok. It is still a bit clunky but I now have my routes loaded.
    Just need to enjoy riding them now!!!
  • skiman922
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    I saw the same issue. Unfortunately it's not clear where to copy the route to on the rider.
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    Cakeman, please would you explain what your son did to help. I have the same problem and having raised the issue with TomTom they have been unable to offer a solution. I have created a route in MyDrive and have followed the correct procedure but it is just not syncing with my Rider 410. The first generation Rider was so much better!