Very frustrated with lack of space

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I can't update my maps as there isn't enough space on my GO 610. I can't even fit the smallest updated map when I completely empty my device. Surely there should be enough space on the device for one map when I empty everything? I feel that Tom Tom is being unfair if I now have to purchase a memory card. Aside from that, I find memory cards can be unstable. I'm not happy at all. Please help.

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  • VikramK
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    hi @Joe2005

    I have added a smaller map of UK and ROI for your device.

    Could you install that on the internal memory of the device, then use a 16 GB memory card to install the larger map of Europe.

  • DougLap
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    Hi @Joe2005

    Further to the response from Vikram there is an advantage for you to add the extra memory card to your unit as he suggests.

    If you add the card and then download the Europe map you will have 2 valid maps on the unit. Then if during an Update you have a problem ,ie an interruption, then you could lose the map that you are updating which if it is the only map on the unit means your unit will not start as it has no map. So, as you will now see, if you have the 2nd map then the unit will start okay and you are in a better position to try and reinstalled the lost map.

  • Joe2005
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    Vikram, Doug,

    Thank you both for your valued responses.
    I will buy a memory card and move forward as per your advice.
    I still believe though that the device should have enough space on board.

    Many thanks again,

    Kind regards,

  • Joe2005
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    Thank you for taking the time to write a real reply. So many companies have automated responses that don't actually address the question asked.
    I feel you have done all you can do.
    Thank you,

    Kind regards,