Map updating fails TomTom Start 25 M

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The device I have is : TomTom Start 25 M - Europe, model 4EN52Z1230 SN: BQxxxx4Fxx02

The latest v10.30 map update always fails and as result my device is now unusable.

I tried both on PC (latest Windows 10) and Mac (latest OS X), reinstalled MyDrive Connect, reset the device many times by holding the power button for about 30 seconds and then pressed it 3 times for 1 second when the black info screen shows up, even removed the device from my account and created a second TomTom account. I tried different USB ports, different USB cables, with and without SD card inserted.

The update always leads to "Something has gone wrong...
Check your computer for more information"

Is there a way to use an older MyDrive Connect version, or the other software TomTom Home, which seems to have many more capabilities of handling a device? What am I doing wrong? I followed several video tutorials from the forums, but still unsuccessful and I am very tired of trying, can anyone suggest a solution?

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    Latest update of MyDrive Connect will not recognize that my Start 25 is connected to PC. The device thinks it is connected, but the software does not. Is this a way of forcing us to buy a new device?

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    it's working like it's supposed to now. I guess the PC just needed a reboot.