Change map zone on GO 6100

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I want to update to latest map 10.30 for europa, but my go 6100 don't hav enough space. I want to change mapzone but I can only change between different maps with buildings. The smallest is 6575MB and my go6100 is 6537 MB when I've deleted the 10.25, speed camera and voices.
Can enyone please help me


  • DougLap
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    Hi @hybenerik

    If you get a Micro SD Class 10 memory card size 16gb or maximum 32gb and insert it in the extra memory card slot next to the serial number on the bottom then you will have plenty of space to load your Updated European map.

    You will need to format it in the GO6100 for maps. If you are not asked when you insert the memory card then

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Format memory card.

    Get a Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make from a reliable source to avoid fakes. Some of the lesser known cards have been known not to work in Tomtom..

    When you have got the card and updated the map then come back on here and see if we can get one of the Mods on her to allocate a small map which you can load onto your GO6100 and because of its size will load on the internal memory. If you load this map then leave it there as should you have a problem at any time when updating your map you will have a valid map on the device to enable you to start the unit and sort the problem out.

    You must not try to delete the map on the unit. When you load the new map on the extra memory card it will free up lots of space on the internal memory which may well help performance of the unit.

    All the best

  • DougLap
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    Hi @hybenerik

    Just to add Mapzones are not available for the maps that you can download. They are a feature for the early Tomtom units which are available memory space restricted.

    In your case the solution is to insert a memory card up to 32gb and that will comfortably hold several of the current major maps Also the available versions of the current Europe map are now all of a size where the extra memory addition is the answer.

  • Ambrogio
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    I don't want to buy a new memory card plus I don't need to drive for all the planet.
    I need only my nation (Italy) in my TomTom.
    So why, in 2019, an user simply can't use only a nation? 90% of people I know willn't drive outside Italy...
    This is a kind of abuse of power to force user to change hardware or do what other people want with our stuff...
  • molerat
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    You can buy a map of Italy for around 35 GBP or a branded 32GB micro SD card for 6 GBP. The choice is yours.
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    Hi @Ambrogio

    You say you don't want to buy a memory card which presumably is necessary because the latest update for your current map is too big to fit on the internal memory.. If you have only got one map on your unit you do not have an option that enables you to delete that map so you can replace it with another.

    Therefore if TT were to add an Italy map to your account you presumably do not have the free space on the internal memory to add it particularly as any significant reduction in the Free memory on the Internal memory the unit will not work properly.

  • Sandru
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    BUT why dosnt TT facilitate a mapupdate s
    mall enough to fit the Go6000 etc.... I mean you can just release the update with fewer mapzones so that the update isnt to big. We have bought the units with the expectation that we could update for "lifetime". And there wasnt any talk about having to buy a Memerycard just to update the internal map.