Pairing rider42 with a rider42

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hi myself and mate both have rider42 can you pair them together so they get the same routes when out on rides as we can not always share via bluetooth for some reason when we are out riding


  • ChrisHall
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    You can share tracks via Bluetooth, but not routes.
    You can't export a route to SD card either to share routes.

    I don't think you can pair two Riders as there is no menu option or function to do it as far as I know.

    I use MyRoute-app for route planning, when I'm on the road I can use MyRoute-app on my phone or tablet and export the route as a .ITN route file onto a SD card. The card can then be put into each Rider and the route imported.

    On my Android tablet I can save the .ITN file onto the tablet storage, then transfer it via Bluetooth to the Rider when in the My Routes screen. It did require Medieval Software's Bluetooth File Transfer App to make it work. It does mean not having to faff around with SD card.
  • bigphilbusa
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    thanks chris hall for the info