Connect TomTom Runner 3 with PC and upload all the activities to PC via TomTom Connect

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Servus, I have connected my watches TomTom Runner3 with the PC via TomTomConnect. Everything run well, but after the synchronisation an can not find any of my activities under TomTom Sports application. Then based on the advice from the Support team I deinstalled the TomTomConnect and installed it again from, but this have not helped. I have also tried more time the manual upload of my activity files .ttbin from my mobile phohe to the TomTomConnect. Although, everything was displayed and shown as correctly done, also after my manual Upload via TomTomConnect I can not find my activities under TomTomSports on my computer. Further, I have already several times tried to export my activities from TomTom also to the STRAVA. Although, I am connected to Strava and the information is telling me "you are exporting to STRAVA", then the activities are not being exported from TomTom to STRAVA. Can this both deficiencies have a connection to each other. Can somebody help me, what I should try to do? Pls do not advise me to the published description what to do, bacause all the steps from here I have already tried, this I can confirm. Many thanks for your help, Tomas.


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    Hi Tomas,

    Sorry about the delay in response! I can see that you already contacted support and they booked your watch in for repair.

    Regards, lampard