Rider 400 not detected by TomTom Home

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I am unable to connect my Rider 400 in TomTom Home ...
Before all the support guys come rushing in with "have you checked the cable" and "have you turned it on" suggestions:
- i have tried the TomTom cable, and other cables of which i have verified that they can transfer data
- i have reset the device (multiple times already ...)
- i went over these step multiple times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcbwY-BSKDw

My device is listed in device manager as "TomTom Rider 400" under "Universal Serial Bus Devices".
It also appears as a drive in "My PC" with 6Gb of 14 Gb free, but when i click it, the drive is empty (weird?)

I am running Windows 10 on very recent hardware.

Is this fixable or should i just throw this piece of **** in the bin and buy another brand next time? (sorry, but i have really had enough with all the issues i've had with my tomtom gps devices and sportwatches)


  • DavyVL
    DavyVL Registered Users Posts: 24
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    Ok, figured it out: tomtom has 2 pieces of software for updating gps devices ... and i was using the wrong one.

    SUGGESTION: i cant be the only one who bumped into this. Maybe you could, in both applications, display a helper link near the "no device connected" status that tells you which devices are supported by which apps ...