cannot connect to update my GO 500 on maps..?

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Been trying to update my UK MAPS for my GO 500 using my pc. I followed the instructions using MyDrive Connect after it's installed. But I keep getting the message of "Not Connected" when I connect using the std TomTom cable to my usb port (works with another device in my pc using same port), when told that my maps are ready to upload/update. Device works OK via the cigarette connector in my car. Help please... thanks.


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    Firstly try Logging OUT of MyDrive Connect (Screen Top Right)
    Clear your browsers cache (Optional, but I find it really does help)
    Log back in again with your Credentials... Simple but it has worked for many users

    If you're using a Windows PC... Delete MyDrive Connect using the free version of Revo Uninstaller
    If you're using a Mac... Surely there must be a Deep Clean Un-installer Program available for a Mac ???
    Download & install the free version of Revo Uninstaller
    Revo first uninstalls the Program... Then scans and removes all of the left over files a normal uninstall leaves behind

    (1)... Uninstall MyDrive Connect Using the Revo Uninstaller
    (2)... Clear your browsers cache (Optional, but I find it really does help)
    (3)... Restart your PC (Not Turn Off & Turn On again)
    Download and install myDrive Connect
    DO NOT have your GO 500 connected to your PC while installing MyDrive Connect
    Connect & Turn on your device... Login to MyDrive Connect
    Note... I find, If there is more than one Update, it's best to do the updates one at a time

    See... Tomtom Video... How to update your device using MyDrive Connect