Latest map update has removed many speed cameras

markovich Registered Users Posts: 18
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After updating the latest map on my 5200 it appears that many of the speed cameras on my routes are no longer showing.

Can anyone please explain.


  • poliplop
    poliplop Registered Users Posts: 5
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    same for me i have a tomtom go essential and the lifetime speed cameras has disapeared
  • Lisaj1974
    Lisaj1974 Registered Users Posts: 1
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    My device is no longer showing speed cameras, how can I rectify this please?
  • VikramK
    VikramK Administrators Posts: 14,342
    Hi @Lisaj1974

    Could you do a soft reset on the device, check for any updates when connected to a WiFi internet connection.

    Try to test the device on a planned route.

  • ennythaovo
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    Experiencing the same issue on my via 52, haven't found a fix yet, tried everything from resetting to reinstalling the map, etc...