TomTom SD Card not working with MyDrive Connect or Home 2

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(Disclaimer, I've been in IT since 1994. I'm pulling my hair out over this...)

Trying to update my map from my Mazda. The only way to do that is removing the SD Card, plugging it into a computer, running My Connect or Home 2.

My laptop is a windows 10 64bit pro machine. No built in SD card slot, so I use a USB->SD Card adapter.

Tom Tom Home 2 used to work perfect on this same machine.

When I connect the SD Card, my computer sees it fine. I'm even able to install Home 2 from the card.

Home 2 refuses to start. SOMETIMES it will show a "device connected" in the windows taskbar part of the Home 2 app.

If Home 2 actually is able to open, it doesn't see a connected device. It logs me in fine, but I can't move further.

I've tried the version from the SD Card and the latest build from the website.

My Connect, literally, doesn't do anything. I install it. I launch it. It lets me login. It never sees a device connected.

Again, this whole time, I can see the device from windows explorer.

I've tried rebooting at every step.

I've installed windows 7 x86 on another laptop (that has an SD Card slot). I get the exact same issues.

It has been a long time since an app has been this frustrating.

All I want to do is update maps that I've paid for.
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