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TomTom GO v2 for iOS12 and CarPlay does not route well

AndyW1205AndyW1205 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
There have been a lot of posts on here bemoaning the lack of features that are on the hardware devices but missing from the app,and I agree with them all as the iPhone is a much more powerful processor with a lot more memory and so there should be feature parity with the app and the hardware devices and I assume they will be added over time.

However, all this is largely irrelevant, as the sole purpose of a satnav is to get you from point A to point B via the best route possible. TomTom's unique history of road speeds for different times of day (marketed as IQ routes) combined with their Live traffic made TomTom the best routing system on the market by far - and I say this having compared to it pretty much every other product on the market over the years. It has reached the point with my TomTom 6000 that I just trusted it. If it said take a turn, I would and I have rarely, if ever, regretted it.

Like others, I have been frustrated by TomTom's lack of enthusiasm for moving with the rest of the market to use mobile devices and CarPlay etc and was excited when the app updated with the ability to use it with CarPlay earlier this week. But, and here is the crunch, it says it is the TomTom Go App, but the routing is no better than Apple or Google and often worse than Waze.

I have used it for every journey so far - just local routes I know well, and know how the TT 6000 would have routed it - in fact I still have it running as a comparison. And it is making the most simple errors on a regular basis.

I can only assume that IQ routes added extra data and the decision was not to include it in the maps - the result of this an app that is no better at getting you from A to B than the free options available.

My dream of not needing another wire in the car to a window mounted hardware device which I pay nothing for and instead paying monthly for the rest of my life for the best sat nav app in the world is still largely a dream. I will not be subscribing until this feature is added in.

Without IQ routes TomTom is just another satnav app that costs more than the competitors. If it is included again, TomTom Go for Mobile will be best available. It is that simple. The nice-to-have features will be just that, nice-to-have but without the best routing they become 'no-point-in-having's.

TomTom - add IQ routes to the maps on iOS.



  • AndyW1205AndyW1205 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    What is even weirder about this issue is that the now retired TomTom Naigation app does route the same as the Go 5000 and Go 6000, so why have they changed the routing on the latest app to give worse routes?? Is anyone else noticing issues or is it just me?
  • PalfermanPalferman Posts: 123 [Supreme Navigator]
    Like you AndyW1205 I’m running the app on CarPlay together with my Go 5000 basically because in the absence of a route/traffic bar on the app I just want to have some confidence in the app. Anyway point is I’ve also noticed some differences in routing but at the moment I’m not entirely convinced it’s the app. Same as you I’m using local routes I know well and have a good idea about traffic at different times of the day so would normally stick to the route I would use. First example is that on one particular route the app decided that another one was better, no problem but carried on with the 5000 route. As soon as I’d driven past the alternative app route it immediately re-routed back to the 5000 route giving me exact same time. The second example is more worrying though. On a very short route home I deliberately drove in the wrong direction just to see how both the app and the 5000 would handle it. The opposite direction is a fairly straight road with 3 roundabouts over about a mile. As I expected both the app and the 5000 just told me to go around the roundabouts and go back the way I came. However, in between the last 2 roundabouts there’s a lay-by on the the opposite side of the road, the 5000 wanted me to take a right turn into the lay-by and go back the way I’d come, the app told me to carry on to the roundabout about 300 yards ahead. So on a busy NSL road the 5000 wanted me to take a right turn into a lay-by on the opposite side of the road, no way would I ever consider that manoeuvre it’s just not safe.
    Bit of a long winded post but I’m not entirely convinced the app routing is any worse, the jury is out for further testing

  • rossh51rossh51 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    Poor routing is an understatement!
    I am a long term TomTom user of both PND's (3 so far) and the iPhone app. This latest version is pathetic. Routing is entirely different to Go 520 (and Google Maps) and just plain wrong. Alternatives are no better.
    So not only does Carplay have all the shortcomings discussed here in appearance but routing is rubbish for me.
    I will watch for a while to see if it improves but I most certainly won't use it or consider a subscription at present.
  • TrevMTrevM Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    I installed and updated tonight, have not actually driven with it yet but having a play in my garage, my first question is, HOW DO YOU PROGRAM AN ADDRESS. Is this not the basic function of a GPS.
    Also I currently use either my Santa Fe's factory maps (which in Australia are probably the best manufacturer GPS I have used).
    However I still have the trusty Go 620 sitting in the consul front bin mainly for the speed readout (factory speedo is about 6km/h out) and also point to point & speed camera notification.
    Does the Car Play version give you these features. i.e GPS Speed.
  • PalfermanPalferman Posts: 123 [Supreme Navigator]
    Basically no, you can’t search in CarPlay and no route bar and no indication of speed. Although if you are over speed limit the CarPlay version will give you a warning.
  • PalfermanPalferman Posts: 123 [Supreme Navigator]
    Sorry missed this out, it does give you speed camera warnings
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