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Hi friends.

I wanted to understand what the Mapshare Community Update is actually updating. Is there functionality for the user to update speed limits when Tom Tom is stating a different speed limit to the actual, for instance if the area has been changed to 20mph. I am out on the road a lot as a Driving Instructor and have my Tom Tom on for most of the day and regularly encounter incorrect speed limits around my local city. Thanks in advance for the reply. Kind regards Russell


  • Lepre
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    unfortunately not only in your city the limits are wrong but also in Italy there are some. Even the house numbers are missing many or are non-existent.
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    Hi, @edenr1

    Unfortunately, TomTom always seem very slow in updating Speed Limits!

    When I've reported these changes, I personally find that TomTom appears to igmore these Reports!

    This has been commented on, many times, on this Forum - but, to date, TomTom has never given an adequate explanation as to why these are ignored!!
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    HI and thanks for the reply. If this forum is presumably moderated by Tom Tom, what is their official reply? Thanks Russell
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    Yup, aggravating. Have been trying for a couple months to update a speed limit change and the report is "pending". Wonder what has to happen for someone to take action?
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    My tom tom after my computer crashed and had to be rebuilt would not allow my device to update