Using TomTom Start25 in Canada without downloaded map

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I have a Start 25 with downloaded UK & Europe maps. But I am travelling to Canada - do I need to download the full map or will the device work with just basic roads?


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    Hi @pablomj

    If you want your Start 25 to work in Canada then you will have to add a Map of Canada.

    You say that you have the UK and European maps on your unit so you need to check that you have sufficient space on your Extra memory to accept the additional map.

    If you have the UK map installed on the internal memory then if you don't have enough free memory on the extra memory card then you will have to insert a bigger card. The maximum size of Micro SD Class 10 card that will work on a Tomtom unit is 32GB. You can then add the Canadian Map and reinstall the Mao that was on the existing card.

    If both your Maps are on the extra memory card then you have a problem if you need to increase the size of the extra memory card. If you take the existing card out with no map on the internal memory the unit will not start. In that case when buying the Canadian map you will need to ask Customer Services if they will add a small map to your account that you can download first onto the internal memory so the unit will start.

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    You will need to download the Canada Map
    There are 3 Start 25 models one with 8GB on-board one with 4GB and one End of life

    You you may need a Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory card
    See... Card slot

    Micro SD Card slot positons...
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    Thanks so much @DougLap and @YamFazMan - I appreciate your comprehensive answers!