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I would very much like to see the possibility to use TomTom Go as a navigation system when I'm on the road with my car and caravan. By entering the dimensions of the combination, length, width and height of car+caravan and have TomTom calculate which roads I can drive on and which not.

Last summer I got in some nasty situations because of a detour which would be perfect when only driving a car, but with a caravan the situation was far from ideal.

CoPilot does provide this feature, but the traffic services from TomTom are much better....

Hopefully there are more people out there who would like this feature and possible are willing to pay some extra money for it. Maybe a subscription for car drivers and a separate subscription for this feature (just like CoPilot does). Buying complete new hardware and have another stand on my dashboard for the separate TomTom Caravan which is sold is not really an option for me.


  • dmulv
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    Unlikely to appear I'm afraid, as TomTom already do a camper/caravan-specific device that provides the features you're after. The retail price is £379.99(!).


    To provide similar features on the standard Go would be like shooting themselves in the foot.
  • Andy - Yorks
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    I’m finding that I want to go to a known company but I can’t enter the company name into the contacts search as it only looks in people’s names. I might not remember the person but can remember the company or it might only be a company name entry in my contacts. If I get totally stuck, I have to exit the nav and go into contacts on the phone to find a person’s name - time consuming...
    Hope this can be incorporated,
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    When switching from the old app to “GO”, I lost the ability to use an address from a calendar appointment. Something I found very useful.
    Now I have to manually type it in, as copy-paste always copies an apple-maps url.

    Since we’re three years further down the road, I want to put this feature back on the table.

    Anyone who would like to see this feature return?

    With kind regards,
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    Why is it that still gpx files cannot be imported is TT Navigation mobile on iphone. I therefore have to buy another nav app like Scenic with less functionality but with gpx import
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    Links like location in an agenda appointment can be opened in apple maps or added to contacts, but not in TomTom.
    Or like the old TomTom app that could open agenda item locations in the search.