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Missing features - Carplay

DvsdmoDvsdmo Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
When using CarPlay there is no search function this needs to be added in. Majority of the time I get in my car plug the phone in for CarPlay boot tomtom and go I need to search for x location. I then have to to unplug the iPhone tap I’m not driving and then search for where I want to go and then plug it back in and wait for CarPlay to boot once again. It’s just unnecessary considering all the other navigation apps have an inbuilt search function.

Also gps speed is missing.

And reporting a mobile speed camera is missing as well.


  • markcirignanomarkcirignano Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    Strongly agree! Also there is no life traffic and cameras etc..
  • Kermitz1Kermitz1 Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    This first version of TomTom Go app on iPhone, just a year after Apple opened up 3rd party CarPlay development, is really underwhelming indeed.
    I've been using TomTom devices for years and has hoping for a 1:1 replacement on my new car, just using the car's integrated screen and my iPhone.

    I'm shocked to see so many features missing from what was a very mature set of devices and converted into what looks like the first draft of a mobile app with only 1 or 2 most basic features -- and it took a year to get there.

    What surprised me most:
    - UK map split in 2 or more maps, not sure how it will handle travelling between North and South
    - missing indication of delays ahead (devices tell you xx minutes delay because of accident, slow traffic etc.)
    - no possibility to look for a new address, you can only navigate to existing locations in your address book
    - no possibility to look for alternative routes
    - missing right-hand progress bar that displayed petrol stations and services areas along your route
    - no possibility to mute the voice
    - does not seem to switch to night mode in tunnels and dark areas while other navigation app do so
    - does not pause podcast play while giving directions, but only mutes them. Other apps pause and resume playback of podcasts.
    - no possibility to report speed cameras
    - awkward touch screen navigation to see the road ahead

    In non-CarPlay mode, the app is almost identical in functionality to the physical devices. Why have 95% of the features disapeared when in CarPlay mode? It's not the case for Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze or Maps.Me
  • DvsdmoDvsdmo Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I had the original tomtom app on my iPhone 4s. Absolutely loved it. Forced switch over to tomtom go was a little disgruntled but grew to love it! Used It over any other map app for getting around would even punch addresses in it after Apple maps had loaded it just because I preferred it so much more!
    New awesome features added in, that the old tomtom app got deleted. I used the app multiple times a day everyday. Not many other apps I can say got the same screen time as my tomtom apps that weren’t social media’s.

    When I got my new car with carplay, I was looking forward to using tomtom on it. I wanted to use tomtom so badly I jailbroke my iPhone paid for a carplay hack that would allow me to use tomtom in carplay. And I did for months. It was a better experience than using carplay correctly with Apple maps.

    Found out that iOS 12 would allow third party navigation apps on. I thought to myself brilliant can use tomtom in carplay. A week after iOS 12 was released both google maps and Waze where on natively. I decided to update to iOS 12 as I thought tomtom wouldn’t be far behind. 8months and 17 days later finally released an update to allow it. So I decided to use Waze while I waited. And I used Waze everyday since.

    I love the new layout I really do like it’s simplicity compared to other maps. I love the orientation feels more natural of a guidance system compared to the competition. Map colours look great! The whole colour scheme is really really nice.
    But all of these are just niceties for me. Not crucial for my day to day.

    My first biggest wth tomtom moment was I know I’ve got the latest map offering from you and speed zones were out of whack. Why would the latest maps have incorrect speed zones for areas which haven’t road work for more than 6months? Competitors apps display the correct speed zone. And are quick to correct incorrect displays.

    Compared to competitors this is a basic carplay navigation app that has a subscription service for live traffic updates and speed camera locations. Which I get free on Waze and Apple maps (which you provide data for by the way (excluding speed cameras))

    Tomtom needs to look at what the competition is offering and better it! Like how it did in the past.

    To be honest tomtom, hacked carplay to run tomtom go in landscape mode is the minimum bar set for what I was expecting when you released the update. That experience and user ability far exceeds what is currently being offered.

    Start off with basically running tomtom go in landscape mode in carplay.

    When you tap the display and the menu bar pops up add in home and work icons. No one else has that! How easy would it be to just tap home and navigation starts. Waze sometimes asks if your heading home or work but it’s random.

    Fix notifications as a notification bar is a lot easier to tap than the icons to which back to maps.

    When current route ends stay in 3D mode not revert to birds eye. Add birds eye mode when you tap the screen and have a view selection icon. Because you can’t clearly see upcoming speed cameras once you go to Birdseye or get a distance for when to turn down an off street near where you wanna be.

    Waze features:
    Gps speed (in carplay), search function (in carplay), can see / report different road hazards or speed traps (in carplay), Siri shortcut integration, tap the display and has an Icon for starred destinations as well as search (in carplay), parked car location and parking locations (in carplay), nearest petrol station with pricing (in carplay), add stop to route with different stops having there own route colour (in carplay), Apple calendar integration for event addresses (in carplay), planned drives (in carplay), when to leave by, Average travel times with the ability to see thru out the day to find ideal time to leave by, log into my account and all my addresses are loaded in. Stays in navigation view at end of route (in carplay), changeable map colours and car icon (remember that in the original tomtom app), lane guidance, faster routing with prompt (in carplay), notification bar for when to turn while viewing another app (in carplay)
    Best bit it’s absolutely free no in app purchases or subscriptions.

    Waze cons:
    I know where McDonalds is as there’s a sizeable icon displaying it as there are some ads. Guidance viewing angle for myself personally is a little high. Starred locations go from most recent to oldest home and work don’t stay at the top when new locations have been added.

    Tomtom go carplay features:
    Fastest navigation routing, simple clean design, has parking locations, petrol stations. Lane guidance. Faster routing options with prompt. Fixed speed camera locations.

    Cons mentioned earlier plus what others have mentioned.

    I dont know why I’d pick tomtom go and pay for a subscription for traffic information when I can use Waze for free. I just checked the App Store (Australia) for navigation and tomtom go is 30th. Sygic which you have to actually purchase the maps is 29th and that was carplay compatible in November last year. Google is number 1 with Waze following in 2nd.

    I miss using tomtom go on a daily basis I truly do. I’ve even tried finding / making a phone mount for my car so I could use tomtom go on the mobile and forgo carplay. That’s how badly I wanted tomtom go again for my navigation.

    I just don’t at the moment see any reason why I would pick tomtom go over Waze for carplay. The features just aren’t there any more. I would of re-upped my subscription the day it ran out if the carplay side of tomtom go was worth it, probably with just having a search function I would of fully changed back over to tomtom go. Now I’ve got a reminder in my calendar to ensure I check to make it will not auto renew and charge me.

    I’ll still keep tomtom go on my iPhone and check what it’s like in carplay after an update until then I’ll be using Waze.
    Please don’t leave it so long between updates. Bi annual updates are to far between. Please listen to your consumers because you can have the best n fastest navigation in the world with no one wanting to use it because we get more for free from competitors and see some ad icons at there locations.
  • Gavsta64Gavsta64 Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    I can’t understand why I’m not getting alerts for speed cameras using the iPhone App with Car Play. Having subscribed this week I was amazed that I drove past a fixed camera this morning that’s been there for 15 years at least and there was no visual or audible warning. I know all the settings are good for cameras to be shown but why on earth are they not showing? Is there some other subscription apart from the one in the App?
  • FlogDriverFlogDriver Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    Just want to add my agreement with most of the posts above, hopefully then TomTom will change their hitherto "Couldn't care less" attitude to customers and start implementing features that should be in a paid-for app.

    Cannot for the life of me understand why you can't search for a destination from the CarPlay screen, it's the only navigation app in existence on CarPlay that won't do that!

    Are they trying to give the excuse that we should be stopping, unlocking/unplugging our phones, then continuing our journey? So it's a "safety" feature? Well how about this TomTom? - I'm in the car with a work colleague, I want him to enter our new destination for the changed meeting venue whilst we're on route, but I don't want to give him the unlock code for my phone. SO, I unlock the phone myself, hand it to him, then plug it all back in. How very convenient, glad I paid for these safety features that keep me undistracted......

    TomTom should be creating a best-of-breed navigation app, with more or better implemented features to justify paying for the app, not adding unwanted "safety features" that just distract and annoy their paying customers.

    Oh and while you're looking at the CarPlay implementation, fix the broken voice prompts while you're at it too eh? 50% of the time I use it, even though I'm playing music from my iPhone, the music stops, but I don't get any voice guidance. TomTom has a very long history of this bug, even before the CarPlay version, and they seem to have re-introduced it again.

    Waze implements a ton of basic navigation features that TomTom just doesn't, no excuse for that.
  • SuperhoopsSuperhoops Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I have just setup TomTom go with CarPlay. So disappointed!. No traffic bar, no average speed, can’t mute the voice, doesn’t lower the music volume during prompts, can’t search for a destination, no speed camera reporting, what a piece of s..t. I’ve already given up and removed TomTom from my CarPlay menu
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,712
    edited July 2019
    Hi @Superhoops

    Virtually everything you say you cannot do I. can. On my Carplay the Route bar is missing as Apple do not currently allow the option, there is no cameras reporting and there is no indication of actual average speed.. The average speed zones are announced and the road display has a red line along it whilst in the Average speed zone.

    Tomtom are trying to see how they can provide the route bar facility we are used to.

    Destinations , Points aof interest and contacts can all be searched and the radio/music quietens during announcements meanwhile cameras are displayed.

  • SuperhoopsSuperhoops Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thanks for the reply.

    The music level doesn’t lower during announcements for me. I have music on 100% of the time during the ridiculous amount of miles I do each week so it is important to me.

    Point of interest and contact searching is nowhere near sufficient for me as I have to find new addresses on a regular basis.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,712
    Hi @Superhoops

    In my post I should have said Addresses instead of Destinations. So far I have found the search fine for me even recognises Mapcodes which MyDrive does not. Regarding the sound levels when I have music or the radio the sound level of them lowers, does not mute completely, and I can clearly hear what the directions or announcements are .

    What Apple phone have you got/

  • Gavsta64Gavsta64 Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    DougLap wrote: »
    Hi @Superhoops

    In my post I should have said Addresses instead of Destinations. So far I have found the search fine for me even recognises Mapcodes which MyDrive does not. Regarding the sound levels when I have music or the radio the sound level of them lowers, does not mute completely, and I can clearly hear what the directions or announcements are .

    What Apple phone have you got/


    I seem to be able to hear the directions fine when there is music playing. I think the volume can be adjusted using the volume up/down dial on the car radio when the announcement is in progress and get the relative volume of both music and anything from Car Play..
  • SuperhoopsSuperhoops Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    DougLap wrote: »
    Hi @Superhoops

    In my post I should have said Addresses instead of Destinations. So far I have found the search fine for me even recognises Mapcodes which MyDrive does not. Regarding the sound levels when I have music or the radio the sound level of them lowers, does not mute completely, and I can clearly hear what the directions or announcements are .

    What Apple phone have you got/

    I have the 8 plus. The music level doesn’t lower at all for me. Not only are the instructions difficult to understand but as I like the music quite loud the instructions are booming.
    Maybe I am missing something but I can’t see where to manually enter an address, unless an address is in favourites I have to revert to the phone which is crazy

  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,712
    edited July 2019
    Hi @Superhoops

    I am sorry to say I realise now I did not understand you initial comment correctly in that you were explicitly referring to In Car Play Mode.

    If you look at the app on the phone when not connected to the CarPlay unit you will see the route bar and with all its usual icons and information etc .The Route bar is wider in landscape mode on the phone. The problem is that because of the laid down Apple Templates for CarPlay Tomtom cannot do exactly as you can see on the phone. They have indicated they are considering ways or getting around this problem and be able to display the Route bar data if not in a route bar.. There are suggestions that the pending IOS update may include new CarPlay options.

    You cannot search for Addresses whilst in CarPlay mode at the moment and hopefully that will become available in future updates . What I do is do all the searches with the app on the phone then save those as Destinations.. When I then get in the vehicle I can, in CarPlay mode, select them in Recent destinations.. When you have finished it is quite quick to delete all the used destinations at the end of the day.

    Re the instructions being booming try setting the app volume by Tapping Menu and then set the level of the volume lower on the slider and it will be lower in CarPlay mode.

    Regarding Speed cameras I have mine set using Serena and Read aloud instructions and I get advised of Fixed, Average, Mobile and Mobile Cameras hotspots etc and the CarPlay display has a Camera image alongside the road for each camera site. Whilst on the phone the Average speed details are displayed in the Route bar on CarPlay the road has a red line down the middle of it when you are in the A S Zone. There is no display on CarPlay of your actual average.

    Because you cannot search for addresses on the CarPlay screen I have the Phone on a longish Lead when linked to CarPlay and I or my passenger, use the phone to search for addresses etc and when found and selected the route to the new address then appears on the CarPlay screen.

    One other missing function is if you create a route in MyDrive and send it to your devices it is not received by the App. The App whilst showing syncing the My Place positions does not sync POI's unlike the Android App does. I assume this may be an Apple thing .

    Sorry about my initial interpretation meanwhile I hope the above helps in some way whilst we await further developments which I hope will be with us soon.

  • SuperhoopsSuperhoops Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thanks DougLap
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,105
    Community Manager
    Version 2.1 of the TomTom GO Navigation app should now be pushed to 100% of users. This version introduces search in CarPlay.
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