'No Maps Found' error - software or hardware issue?

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Been working on this for 2 full days now...The TomTom online help pages for this DO NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH SUPPORT and TomTom Customer Services (after numerous calls and emails) are equally baffled. Totally unacceptable! It started off with a 'no maps found' error on the Smart Media screen in car. Followed the online help and have tried updating the SD card with new maps (incl any GPS updates). This has been both successful and unsuccessful. Sometimes the Smart system in the car updates with the new maps OK and the maps appear on the screen....but then the disappear again after a short time ('no maps found' error on screen). After other updates the maps just don't appear at all on the Smart Media screen and the car doesn't perform any update. When I put the SD card back into my PC the Smart Media Connect app tells me the SD card is corrupted...but when I do a check in Windows on the drive the SD card is OK with no memory errors. One thing I've noticed is that the SD card is full with no space....so I'm wondering if the card is just unable to take updates and contains bad data...which of course you cannot see or delete from the SD card because they are invisible (some kind of hidden or encrypted file?).
If the SD card is OK then it must be a flaky SD card slot in the car or the TomTom software in the car has a bug and unable to keep a continuous connection with the maps.
Any ideas out there?


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    I can't help with Smart Media.

    However, similar thing in Renault R-Link. SD card is full because it is proprietary and the working files occupy all the used area. For example, on a 16GB card, mine shows only about 8GB volume, taken up by two or four files called TomTom.000, TomTom.001 etc, with no free space. Sort of there's only one partition of 8GB on a 16GB card. That partition appears to be full, but will easily take an updated, bigger, map, because the working system and files don't occupy all of the 8GB. DON'T take my information as wholly true, I am no expert, just guessing from what I've exerienced.

    Perhaps @VikramK can help, wait for him to pick up on this and offer some comments.
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    Hi DNH1,

    @Carminat is right.

    The hidden Files on the SD-Card is a 8GB big Linux Partition splitted into 2GB-Peaces, like a virtual 8GB big Harddrivedisk. On the fly this Partition is "mountet" as well in the Smart Media as in MyDriveConnect. There are Tools out in the Internet, with them you can mount this files as removal drive into your PC, so you can see the real content. But be aware ... never change this files or its content manually. And never manipulate this files or its content without a untouched backup.

    But for your problem i guess the SD-Card-Slot is flaky.

    Maybe test it with a new SD-Card. Copy the hidden files to it and insert it in the SmartMedia.


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    Thank you...thats all very interesting...but I have no idea how to copy the files from my SD card to a new one...any help gratefully received.
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    I ha problems with my SD card. I used this free app for MAC (ApplePiBaker) to clone the SD and copy the image in another SD card more space. I verified the new one with SmartMediaconnect and work.
    Tomorrow I'll put it in my SMART car....