Rider 550 causing headset (Cardo PackTalk Bold) to lose connenction on intercom

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I use a Cardo PackTalk bold when riding with my mate, so we connect over the DMC (Dynamic Mesh Communication). On two occasions which has only happened since using my Rider 550, it seems the intercom connection has dropped between me and my mate. Now this has never happened before i started using the 550. Unfortunately as i was riding at the time, it wasn’t possible for me to pull over and check the exact status of the headset/intercom, but i was able to restart it while on the move and my connection was re-established.

Has anyone had a similar experience either with a PackTalk Bold or other headset dropping connection, possible related to using the Rider 550?




  • Ste7ios
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    Drop a line to Cardo, too...
  • ChrisHall
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    Interesting. I have a Rider 400 and I ride with 3 others - we all use Cardo DMC and over a 4 day tour we had no problems.

    However on a ride with one of them on Sunday, the DMC connection between us failed. I was using the Rider at the time.

    I'll keep an eye on it over the next few weeks.