Map coverage on GO Navigation App

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With the new regional maps for the iPhone how do I know where they cover? I planned a route to wales assuming it would be included in central UK, a 160ish mile journey came back as 550 because it navigated me on the available map rather than the direct route. Ideally I need to be able to see the boundaries so I would not have to download all the maps which are now large.


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    Any ideas when there will be a search facility on the car screen rather than using the phone and also when the right hand bar showing traffic and cameras etc will be added?
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    HI @Mrcrappy

    Welcome to the Community! Please check the public FAQ here about the map coverage in GO Navigation App. This will give you the overview of map regions included.

    Also have a look at this FAQ here: Cross-border navigation with the TomTom GO Navigation app

    Thanks, lampard
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