I Have a GO 6200 WIfi and are not able to get GPRS-Status "connected" and traffic information.

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What can I do ? My TOM TOM has got livetime services and there is no connection. TOM TOM Hotline does not answer on my e-mail …


  • DougLap
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    HI @Richard_Mauern

    Try the following.

    Fully charge the unit for about 2 hours and then take it outside well away from Buildings and Trees with a clear view of the Sky.

    Turn the unit on and when it is working hold the ON/OFF button down for about 20 seconds until you hear the drumroll sound and then let the button go.

    When the GO6200 has restarted and working create a route on it and then leave it in the open for as long as 30 minutes or more and see if it locks onto the satellites

    If it does Tap Menu and see if the Traffic icon (2 cars) and the Cloud icon (Your MyDrive account) are bold and so saying connected.. Do not have your Phone bluetooth on or be within range of your Wifi.

    If that does not work then do a Reset Device in Settings/System

    This will return the unit to as it was in the box except it does not change the Maps and Software versions on your unit.

    This will delete all your Data, ie Favourites (My Places) and remove any Poi and Route files you ahem loaded from MYDrive.. This data will be resented back t the GO6200 after you do the reset. Any routes created on the GO6200 and saved on it will be lost. If you go to My Routes these files will have an Arrow against Tham with a solid shaft. The Broken shafted Routes will be okay.

    If these do not work then you should contact customer support so they can check all the settings at their end are correct.t.

    All the best.