I can't get a TomTom Services connection on my Go 6100

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TomTom Services is activated thru Drive Connect but once on the road I can't get any connection.


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    Please see the troubleshooting steps for this here:


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    Vikram, tx for the reply. I suppose you are a user not TT support. I had seen this solution before. I also read that it was not really solving the issue. Anyway I did all the recommendations again, including reset of the device. Since I bought this device recently, I had already installed the latest software last week on the device and applied all the updates as shown by TT Drive connect. I hope to see a better solution from TT support because the reason I purchased a 6100 was to include also trafficinfo and last but not least the mobile cameras. Without driving in Belgium or Europe gets expensive.
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    I'm trying to get TT support moving on this issue. It isn't rocking science I'd say to get traffic data on a Go 6100 device which includes sim&data life time Traffic & speed cams. Support keeps asking the sim and GPRS info. The device doens't even have a sim card, that's the purpose & advantage of a 6100. I'm asked to provide the settings/ system / info information. It's a blanc screen. What else can I say?

    I get screens saying: problems with access to TT services. Try again later. Later is 2 weeks already. When connected with MyDrive the TT services screen confirms traffic info/ speedcamera's & My Drive ACTIVATED.
    The software and maps ara all up to date. Soft reset has been executed. Factory settings haven been reset. During navigation the little "x" shows to inform about NO traffic info.

    A GPS without traffic or speedcamera's is like a car without an engine. You can still push it to move forward. Time for TT to get their act together or they can read about my frustration in the IT Press very soon. I've been in IT > 40 years at hig-level jobs and I know the way in the IT media, don't push my patience and your luck over the edge.
    TT GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND FIX WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I live in Belgium and not Honululu or the moon of all places. Traffic info & internet are a commodity.