Carminat TomTom you cannot use this map on this device

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I am trying to help my elderly father in law who has just bought a 2012 Renaut Clio two weeks ago and after he accidentally ejected the SD card while the map was on, he was trying to turn it off and thought it was the off button.

Since then the SD card will not load up the sat nav it just shows the hour glass and then the TOMTOM logo thing.

I have put the SD card in my PC after installing HOME and it gives an error saying the car is write protected, but I could still see all of the files on the card. So I copied all the files to a new folder on my hard drive (just in case), I also slid the tab on the card so it was not protected and reinserted it, but my PC would not read it and neither would HOME. I tried it on a laptop and still no joy.

I looked on line and for some help and I have copied all of the files from my PC on to a new formated SD card (not the original) and HOME recognised it, but when I put it in the car it came up with a new error saying the UK and Ireland Map could not be used in this device.

Is anyone able to help on how to fix this, as the garage is of no use and just want to charge him £117 for a new card.