How to contact TomTom?

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I managed to send a question at the weekend, I've had a reply, but now can not reply to that reply.
There just isn't a send button appearing, I'm at a total loss.


  • lampard
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    Hi @Johnmusto

    Welcome to the Community! I can see that you already received a response from the team and they escalated your case to investigate further. You will receive an email regarding your order status when there's an update.

    Regards, lampard
  • Johnmusto
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    Hi @lampard, thanks for taking the time to reply, however I already know the information you've given, the question was 'how to contact'.
    As you'll probably be aware, I ordered a go camper, delivery was expected 3-5 days, and order status still says 'inprogress' one week later.
    Now I replied to the email, but i have no idea whether it'll reach customer services.
    I just wanted to add to my question, and as it appears you have access to the system maybe you can help.
    An option as a one time goodwill gesture would be to let me have a 'free' Europe camper map update for my Start 25, as the installed camper map is out of date and causing a problem or two where roads have changed, hence the reason for buying a new device with lifetime updates.
    I also now have a second option as I could have one day delivery with Amazon, and receive a free camera, for only £4 more than with TomTom.
    So if you can help further, that would be fantastic!!
    Kind regards