Great customer service from TomTom

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I've been quick to criticize TomTom in the past, but I need to report some great customer service from TomTom.
My 4+ year old Rider 400 developed serious water ingress on a ride back from the Mosel Valley a couple of weeks ago. I called customer services and was told that a repair would be €105 including shipping. A bit pricey but OK, I need it for a trip to Spain in June.
I then received an email from TomTom saying it would be done under a warranty pair, free of charge. Brilliant - I was well pleased! :) They turned it around in 7 days. Interestingly; it has the same serial number, but now reports itself as a 420.
I've not tested the repair in the rain yet, but hopefully it will be ok.


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    Well. Didn't received the same information.

    I just received an email saying that the water issue is not covered by the warranty, and if I want it repaired I have to pay.

    Really disappointed in TomTom.

    A device that is for outside use. Get's water inside when it rains. The touch screens start to go wrong for this. But is not covered by the warranty???