Sat at home planning a route up to Durham

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Sat at home (in UK) using Android MyDrive planning a route to Durham (the UK one). First choice turns out to be a local road about a mile away. Next choice Durham NC, USA, 3785 miles away. The Durham (UK) I wanted at 200 miles away then another road 4-1/2 miles away. Then a load more Durhams in America... Durham NH, USA 3144 miles away.

Is there any way MyDrive could either list my Durhams in distance order or NOT include every Durham on this little planet including the Durham in Queensland Australia 9905 miles away. Turns out that on selecting the Australian Durham MyDrive IS clever enough to know it can't be done so why include these distant Durhams in the first place?

So... All very clever but TOTALLY DUMB.

Have had similar daft things happening on the navigator units.


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    Guys, Nearly another year on and no takers for this one. I can understand no one is really bothered about my trip up to Durham UK but I've started again with MyDrive.

    OMG it is still total PANTS. I feel a new thread coming on.
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    Using MyDrive iPhone 6....

    MyDrive uses a World Map.... I expect Foreign addresses

    Search Durham....


    If you want a more local search....
    Just add GB or UK to the search string... Simples ;)
    For other Countries just add the 2 or 3 digit international code for countries to to the search string....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM