Tomtom poor forum supervision / moderation

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Why is TomTom recommending to ask questions at the community (if you use the contact button on there website), but don’t have somebody from a web team actively checking this forum and answering unanswered questions?

I see topics which are unanswered or not answered correctly. TomTom should supervise a forum like this and add valuable information. Maybe they do, but see for yourself plenty of things no response!

Yes also their are users that are very helpfull which is great. But to me this forum feels like a easy and cheap way to keep customers quiet and use a minimum amount of work.

Shame on you TomTom


  • YamFazMan
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    Its not as Tomtom Support forum as such... The Forum is a Tomtom User Forum, overseen and Moderated by Tomtom Staff
    For full Tomtom support there's Tomtom Phone, Email, FAQs, Videos and User Manuals

  • knoxville
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    Your mentioned yourself, Tomtom Staff... why are they not responding to critical questions. Easy questions to respond to more critical X questions they just don’t respond
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    Dude, this IS A COMMUNITY. If you want to get help from official support, call them, email them, ASK THEM. The people in community are not bots that are 24/7 monitoring. THEY ARE PEOPLE AND THEY NEED TO REST TOO.