Listening to audiobook and using Go iOS - Google Maps will automatically pause, TomTom Go does not!

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When I am listening to a audiobook with the native Books app for iOS my tomtom Go app overrules with voice navigation prompts. You can imagine that you miss a few seconds talking of the audiobook.

On the other hand, Google Maps will automatically pause podcasts and audiobooks for voice navigation prompts and pick up where it left off right after.

Developers of TomTom, why is tomtom lacking to fix this and Google does?

When can we expect a update for this? For sure TomTom developers will read this, are you gonna answer as well? :/


  • debanks
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    Pause of spoken audio at least in podcasts (I don’t use audio books as such) has now been implemented in the beta version so should be available in an upcoming version.

    However I’d also like the option to lower the volume (rather than just pause) as it does with music. That way you can still hear both without it continually being interrupted.