Tom Tom needs a navigation Pause Button.

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When I get close to home, I like to get fuel and food before actually going home or even stopping on the motorway services, I don't need to get voice commands saying do a U turn or turn around or whatever. So I suggest a Pause Button to stop the noise distraction.


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    Hi There!

    I noticed you opened several support threads in this forum.

    In what way are voice commands a distraction?

    Tapping A pause button would be a far greater distraction IMO.

    Good luck and drive safe!
  • DougLap
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    If you are that near to home do you need the unit on?

    You can Tap Menu and Tap the Speaker bottom left and turn sound off. Just remember to turn it on again.

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    The latest update provided the option of having a 'cancel planned route' button at the bottom of the route bar. Maybe this would do what you're after?

    Failing that, I guess you could just put the device to sleep if you want a pause in navigation.