TMC receiver on Via 135

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Hi, My RDS TMC connector charges but does not pick traffic alerts. Tomtom screen keeps showing Hour glass. I have Via 135. Please help.


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    I have the same TomTom Via135 with exactly the same problem when connected using the correct cable it indicates that the TomTom unit is being charged and the RDS-TMC unit is working but it will not pick up any traffic information the gear wheel just keeps spinning. I have tried to manually insert the correct MgHz frequency for Claasic FM for my area i.e. 101.1Mghz but it still will not detect any traffic information. I have since learnt that it may not be a faulty cable or FM receiver but due to the cable having expiry information embedded in the cable electronics, and the dates, this would cause the facility to fail once that expiry date had been reached.

    Whilst I have been researching the problem the following cropped up :-

    In the root of your GPS there is a folder "rdstmc" with a file "subscription.bif". Open the file with any text editor and there is a single line with something similar to this


    The number is a Unix style 'seconds since whatever' which you can decode at Online Conversion - Unix time conversion . Enter the ten digits of your expiry 'date' into the first box and submit.

    Is this the answer to the problem TomTom embedding an expiry date into the s/w of the Via135 ????????.
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    Was the quote for a NAV2 Device ???
    Only the early NAV2 Devices have access to the Operating System, in order to be able to make the changes.....

    The NAV3 (Like our Via 135) NAV4 & NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Devices do not have access to the Operating System....