Faulty windscreen mount on Trucker 6000

Today my Trucker 6000 started to play up.

Turns out the connector on the windscreen mount is faulty.

Rang support to be told a replacement would be £34.99 as I had bought my Trucker 6000 back in Jan 2017. After saying I wasn't happy with the price they said could do me a discount and let me have one for £24.99.

It seems not only do I have to pay the best part of £50 a year for traffic as I was stupid enough not to buy the unit with lifetime traffic I am now expected to cough up every 2 years for a new mount.

To add insult to injury they said delivery would be 7-10 days which is no good to me as I'm a trucker and need it for work.

Very poor show from TomTom for what at the time was their top of the range line of satnavs.


  • BanburyGuyBanburyGuy Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Second call to CS to arrange to buy a new mount and without any prompting the CS agent offered to send me a replacement free of charge.

    Granted it took 10 days to arrive but much happier now.

    Moral of the story is - if you rely on it for work make sure you have spares.

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