Summer map 2019

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Any news of release for Summer map v10.30?


  • miketorcy
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    Soon! =)
  • CJO
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    Still no ETA ?
  • dhn
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    Perhaps tomorrow. (Maps tend to be released on Tuesdays). If not tomorrow, then next Tuesday, maybe.
  • mentorron
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    This is the first North American map update that has been delayed for this length of time, in my experience. Was hoping it would be released by end of May at least. But then Microsoft has delayed their latest Windows 10 update from March to June, but still naming it 1903. And they've only provided it in my Windows Update page for one of my two PCs so far (the generic manually downloaded ISO from their Website doesn't work, even with their tech support's assistance). !!!
  • Lepre
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    Hi everyone
    do we know the reason for the delay of the new maps?
    thank you
  • dmulv
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    🤞 They're probably trying to fit my map correction in 🤞
  • big
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    Doesn't seem to be available for the GO620 per comments in that topic.
  • Trevor0210
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    I am unable to load the new map as it's too large for the memory of my device. I also find that I can't opt for a Map Area. I only want a map of the UK as I don't usually drive in Europe other than the UK. Why can't I get a UK map?
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Trevor0210

    If you contact Customer Support they may be prepared to add the UK and ROI map to your account.

    The problem you need to get around is that you will be unable to delete the European map from the internal memory of the GO500 to put on the smaller map as the system is geared to the unit having a valid map on it otherwise it cannot start. Either you add a 16gb micro SD class 10 card to your GO 500 and then do the European update then if they add the smaller map to your account it will fit on the internal memory as it has had the Europe map removed. There is a benefit if you have 2 maps on the unit. If you have problem during an update ie it is interrupted , then you still have a map that the unit can start with and you can then sort the problem out of the lost map.