Runner 2 charging, but not syncing

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I have a Runner 2 which I've used for a few years now without too much trouble.

I usually charge and synch my watch on a daily basis through the connection cable on my PC.

I have come back from a weekend away and have filled-up the memory on the watch. I have plugged the watch in as usual to upload my latest walks. The watch is charging, but isn't syncing to upload the walks and empty the memory.

I have checked the terminals on the watch and the USB connector and they are clean, plus the watch is charging so there is a signal going through. I have also clicked the TomTom icon on my computer (this usually pops up automatically to sync when I plug the watch in), but just get the message "connect your TomTom device to your computer."

Ideas anyone?


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    Two of the pins (the outer ones) are used to charge and two are used to transfer data (the inner ones). It is likely a pin is stuck. Inspect them and pry any loose with a pin so that they are all fully extended.
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    I have same problem. All my activities record on watch but later I have problem to upload anything from watch to TomTom Sports.
    I did power reset but without solving my problem.
    Can anyone help me with advice?