Memory Cards not visible in TomTom GO6000

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I have formatted all difference SD Cards to Fat32 but TomTom wil not reconize those cards. Pleas help me


  • Baxatila57
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    Extra information. The Card is visible in my Computer, but not in MyDriveConnect. I have also removed MyDriveConnect, and installed it Again.
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    HI @Baxatila57

    What make of card. Some lesser known makes have been known not to work properly in a Tomtom unit.

    If you
    Tap Menu
    Tap the Blue Circle with a ? in middle
    Tap About
    Scroll down
    Is the memory card seen along with the internal memory where it lists Free memory.

  • LAURE123
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    Hi all


    Your microSD, in addition to the FAT32 format, must also be formatted by your TomTom device to accept the maps.

    With your device Not connected to the PC:

    - Use a microSD card class 10 of at least 16GB max 32GB, a recognized brand (Samsung, SanDisk, ...)
    - Format your microSD with your PC in FAT32. if your card is new or empty "Quick Format" it's enough, "Allocation unit size" by "default" and without "Volume label" (blank).

    TomTom uses a proprietary formatting mode performed by your device.
    - Put the micro SD card in the TomTom device.
    - Do a Soft Reset of your device: Press and hold the Power button for about 30 seconds until you hear a drum sound.
    The formatting starts automatically after the Reset, on the screen choose the option "Map".
    - Or you can do it manually by yourself.
    ==> go to the main menu of your device (4Dots ....) / Settings / System / Format the memory card / choose the option "Map".