Does the suction mount come apart

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Would like to know if the suction mount for Go premium come apart to fit easily in a case

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  • Martyn28
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    Thanks. Bought the recommended case to go with it and the photo shows the mount broken down but I didn't want to break it as it didn't seem to want to come apart.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Martyn28

    The joint will come apart as it is clearly how it is assembled. The problem is it is a very tight fit and so I did no risk it until now.

    I have an older unit and if you hold the two parts and pull very hard in opposite directions making sure you are pulling straight out it will part. Do not try to lever them them apart as you will probably snap the shaft eventually. .

  • YamFazMan
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    UN-Clipping the Mount from the device is fine
    But I would not advise you to not to constantly Disassemble/Reassemble the ball-joint on the mount the ball-joint will eventually become lose and the weight of the PND will cause the PND to start to droop