Cant connect Start 20 to PC

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It's been a while since I last connected and my Start 20 has stopped working yesterday 23/5/19
It was fine at the start of a journey, but about 5 miles in it just lost it's position.and has resorted to the home position on the main screen

In the past I just needed to plug in the USB lead to my Windows 10 PC.
Now nothing.
Here's the symptoms
Start 20 starts fine - as it always has
It recognises the charging USB
The main nav screen is centered my home location
I can access all menus and GPS status
it cannot find any GPS data
it therefore cannot find a position It tries and tries for hours but no satellites whatsoever.(i'm in a convertible so no roof either)
heard about this week sat thing so I connected to my PC. Nothing
Loaded up Mydrive connect
It updated. then nothing
I tried a factory reset
no change
I disconnected the battery (took it apart) and reconnected. It knew about that alright, but after re-booting back, no change in any of the above
Nothing in device manager so not recognising USB.
tried 2 USB cables on both a desktop and laptop which, both have connected to the Start 20 before.

Any Ideas?