French speed cameras

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I've heard a lot about people getting speeding tickets when they return home after the French dropped there speed limits.
I have a camera subscription, and I know camera detection devices are illegal in France.
In previous years, my TomTom has alerted me if I'm in an area of a known camera.
Is this still the case?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @GaryA

    It is illegal to have Speed Cameras specifically identified by Satnavs in France.

    Tomtom have replaced Speed camera positions with Danger Zones which is acceptable within the law In France . You satnav will indicate Danger Zones in France where road conditions have a higher accident risk level. . It is inevitable that some of the Danger Zones will have had Speed Cameras installed in order to try and reduce the accident rate.

    So when you download your Speed Camera files the data within it for France are for danger Zones.